Gems and jewels: A dramatic play of light in De Beers Aria collection

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FOLLOWING the unveiling of the Aria High Jewellery Unique pieces that complete the Aria Collection at the Centre d’Art et Danse Éléphant Paname in Paris, De Beers Jewellers has introduced the Aria High Jewellery and Aria High Jewellery Unique Collection here.  

Based on the metaphor of a female dancer, head designer Hollie Bonneville Barden’s designs are inspired by the choreography of light and expression of the soul through dance. The Aria Collection seeks to honour the beauty and grace of the female form, whose movements are embodied in the designs that hero the centre diamond. The designs radiate from the centre diamond, which is the focal point of each design, and showcase the elegance of a dancer.

This latest collection by Barden sees De Beers combined the blue aventurine gem in its design for the first time and it is featured in the high jewellery unique pieces. The delicately hand carved dark blue gems contrast with and highlight the scintillation of the diamonds beautifully. The De Beers Aria collection is being showcased globally and the necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring from the Aria High Jewellery collection are now available for public viewing at the De Beers boutique in Suria KLCC. For enquiries, call (03) 2166 8868. — By Shalini Yeap


This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, on April 7, 2015.