FAMA first Govt agency to join Food Bank Malaysia programme

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PUTRAJAYA (July 19): The Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) is the first Government agency to support the  Food Bank Malaysia Programme (PFBM) with the launch of Food Bank Malaysia @ Pasar Tani at the Putra pasar tani (farmers’ market) today.

At the launch of the programme, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister (KPDNHEP) Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said the target of the PFBM at the pasar tani was the unsold goods.

“The pasar tani traders usually have between five to 10 per cent perishable items left over which are still good, such as tomatoes, carrots, angled loofahs, mustard leaves, eggplants, bananas and pumpkins,” he told reporters after launching the programme here.  

He said the goods donated by the pasar tani traders will go through another selection process at the collection centre to determine their quality before they are distributed to the target groups.

He said the public’s response to the PFBM was unexpected and the Ministry was now in the process of procuring its own truck with refrigeration facilities to ensure the freshness of the food items it received.

At the event today, 500kg of food which was collected from the Selayang Pasar Tani and My Farm Outlet Putrajaya were distributed to two PFBM strategic partners, namely Food Aid Foundation and Kechara Soup Kitchen.

According to a Ministry statement which was distributed at the event, the PFBM will initially be at selected farmers’ markets in Selangor and the Federal Territory before it is introduced throughout the country.

The PFBM targets households in the B40 category including public university students.

Through the programme, surplus food obtained from supermarkets such as bread, vegetables and fruits are distributed to the needy.