Expats in Singapore now earn less than before, but remain among world's 20 most highly paid

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SINGAPORE (May 28): Expatriates in Singapore are now receiving significantly less wages than before, even as the city state remains one of the 20 most expensive countries to employ expat staff in, finds an annual study published by ECA International.

Based on results of the latest MyExpatriate Market Pay survey, the average cost of employing an expat in Singapore has shrunk by over US$12,000 (S$16,070) in 2017 compared to the year before, with the value of a typical annual compensation and benefits package for a middle-manager now costing US$223,095, down from US$235,545 in 2016.

Lee Quane, Regional Director — Asia for ECA International, says this is due to lower salaries being provided, as well as reduced costs of various benefits such as accommodation, international schools, utilities and cars... (Click here to read the full story)