E-services: Fast delivery service

This article first appeared in Enterprise, The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on December 31, 2018 - January 06, 2019.
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People living in the Klang Valley are spoilt for choice when it comes to delivery services. Due to the huge and constant demand, many start-ups have developed their own, hoping to grab a slice of the pie.

One of the newest players is Bungkusit, which claims to provide the fastest delivery service in Malaysia. The company allows users to buy food, deliver items or send documents to the post office in an hour or less. To achieve this feat, however, all errands are limited to a 25km radius.

Bungkusit relies on a closely monitored network of screened and trained delivery runners called “Roadies”. According to its website, it currently has 1,000 Roadies, who have successfully completed 40,000 orders for 60,000 users.

Roadies are independent contractors. As the company implements a rating system for them, users are able to decide which Roadie to give their orders to, based on the information provided.

With the help of its internal backend system, Bungkusit is able to track, monitor and communicate with its Roadies to ensure that every delivery is carried out smoothly. If needed, users can contact their Roadies while they are fulfilling the order via an in-app messaging platform.

While the Roadies are able to deliver pretty much anything that can fit on a motorcycle, there are limitations. Items that they cannot deliver include controlled substances, live animals and anything non-halal.

Bungkusit has a basic fee of RM5 for every order. Acknowledging that some users may be hesitant to share their credit card and personal details online, all transactions are in cash.