Ekuinas’ committed investments to date have exceeded RM2.3 bil, says Wahid

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KUALA LUMPUR: Ekuiti Nasional Bhd (Ekuinas) has, since its inception in 2009, made 19 direct investments into 11 companies that are in the food and beverage (F&B), education, and oil and gas (O&G) sectors, said Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar.

Its committed investments to date have exceeded RM2.3 billion to date, he said in a written reply to Jasin MP Datuk Wira Ahmad Hamzah in Parliament, yesterday. Ahmad had asked the government to state the input, output, outcome and impact of Ekuinas and Teraju since they were established, as well as its projections of the same for 2015-2020.

The government-linked private equity fund that was set up to promote equitable bumiputera economic participation, had so far added value to Bumiputera equity by some RM2.8 billion, 1.7 times its capital investment of RM1.8 billion, said Abdul Wahid.

For financial year 2013 (FY2013), the Ekuinas Direct (Tranche I) Fund had recorded a gross portfolio return of RM 655.9 million, with a gross internal return rate (IRR) of 25.5%, said Abdul Wahid.

"Ekuinas wants to continue to invest in high potential companies to meet the long term return objective of minimum 12% and aspiration of 20%, as well as to increase the Bumiputera's equity to double the capital invested come 2020," he added.

Meanwhile, Wahid said Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (Teraju), through various initiatives and programmes, have successfully uplifted Bumiputera's economy since its inception in 2011 with a value creation of over RM36 billion in the form of business opportunities, funding and human capital development.

Of that, some RM2 billion has been channelled via the Facilitation Fund, while RM6.22 billion have been invested by its Public Private Partnership Unit (UKAS) on 167 projects undertaken by 152 companies.

A special allocation of RM13.3 billion was injected into the construction sector through five mega projects, while RM1.64 billion in bank credit facility was prepared for high performance Bumiputera companies, he said. As of August, 218 applications - which amount to RM707.96 million - have been approved.

"For the period of 2015 to 2020, Teraju estimates that projection of total investment under the Facilitation Fund will amount to RM8.67 billion, with an overall projection investment of RM14.9 billion," he said.

"The projection of the whole investment of Teraju for the period of 2015 to 2020 amounts to RM4.67billion, which will benefit 1,021 bumiputera companies as a whole," Abdul Wahid said.

As for the Skim Jejak Jaya Bumiputera(SJJB) programme, a total of 8 companies went public successfully with a total of market capitalisation of RM5.1 billion, he said.

He added that under the Bumiputera Peneraju Education Foundation, RM373 million was allocated to empower Bumiputeras and increase their participation in high income occupation.