Covid-19 safety concerns at heart of Ministry of Higher Education’s decision

Covid-19 safety concerns at heart of Ministry of Higher Education’s decision
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KUALA LUMPUR (May 31): The Ministry of Higher Education (KPT) has taken a look at seven aspects of tertiary institution (IPT) operations before determining that face-to-face learning and teaching (PdP) will not be permitted during the full lockdown (SPP), which begins on Tuesday (June 1).

In a statement today, it said that students should put off plans to return to campus until further notice, while those on campus must get permission to go out from the IPT administrator and adhere to the standard operating procedure (SOP).

“Students should remain where they are and continue with online learning,” it said.

It said that research activities requiring the use of a laboratory and special equipment must be approved by the department head and adhere to the SOP.

It said that off-campus students doing the aforementioned must also get an entry and exit permission letter from the IPT.

It said that the academic and non-academic staff must work from home and are only allowed to go into the office for work that can’t be done remotely.

It said that attendance in the office must be limited to 20%, four hours and essential work.

It said that meetings must be conducted online, while attendance at co-curricular activities (e.g. clubs, associations) and gatherings (e.g. religious, social) is prohibited.

It said that recreational activities must be done in an open space without physical contact and “limited to jogging and exercise with physical distancing of two – three metres in line with the current movement control order”.

It said that on-campus banks, pharmacies, convenience shops, laundrettes and cafeterias are permitted to operate in line with the SOP, while the use of common facilities will be monitored.

It said that students will still be able to sit for international and professional exams as scheduled, but must adhere to the SOP.

And last but not least, it said that international student admission is subject to the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) SOP.

Students can obtain more information by calling the 24-hour KPT Covid-19 Operations Room at (03) 8870 6777/6949/6623/6628, contacting the IPT directly or visiting their website.