China's sovereign fund, Boyu, selling some Alibaba shares

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HONG KONG (Sept 8): Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's initial public offering could raise more than $21 billion, valuing the Chinese e-commerce giant at up to $163

Yahoo Inc, the company's second-largest shareholder, had already disclosed it will sell part of its stake in the IPO, but several other companies and individuals were unveiled as sellers in Alibaba's latest filing released on Friday.

Alibaba directors and executive officers as a group would make up the second-biggest sellers of stock after Yahoo, potentially raising $1.23 billion from their stakes. The company did not break down the names of each executive selling shares.

Other sellers include Chinese sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation (CIC), Singapore state investor Temasek Holdings, Saudi Arabia's Olayan Group and several private equity firms.

The following is a list of the selling shareholders and how much each could raise if the IPO is priced at the top of its indicative range of $66 per share.

Yahoo                      121.74 mln          8,034 mln
Alibaba directors           18.70 mln          1,234 mln
China Investment Corp.      14.29 mln            942.86 mln
Jack Ma                     12.75 mln            841.50 mln
Current Alibaba employees   12.46 mln            822.31 mln
Yunfeng                      6.53 mln            430.83 mln
China Development Bank       5.48 mln            361.94 mln
CITIC Capital                4.91 mln            324.08 mln
Joseph Tsai                  4.25 mln            280.50 mln
Silver Lake                  4.10 mln            270.60 mln
Former Alibaba employees     3.11 mln            205.48 mln
Alibaba consultants, Alipay
and China Smart Logistics
employees                   2.13 mln            140.32 mln
Boyu Capital                 1.28 mln             84.31 mln
Temasek                       645,000             42.57 mln
Olayan Group                  500,000             33.00 mln
Siguler Guff                  483,872             31.94 mln
Li Ka Shing Foundation        322,580             21.29 mln
Asia Alternatives             290,321             19.16 mln
Shannon W.H. Cheung            64,516              4.26 mln