List of businesses not allowed to reopen on Monday, barbers to remain closed

List of businesses not allowed to reopen on Monday, barbers to remain closed
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KUALA LUMPUR (May 1): The National Security Council has listed the activities that are still not allowed despite the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) scheduled to be imposed from Monday (May 4) onwards.

Based on a note published by the council, the following are the businesses and activities that are still not allowed after the relaxations on MCO.

  • Cinemas, karaoke centres, theme parks, museums, and busking are not allowed to operate
  • No barber shops and beauty salons to resume operation
  • No job expo, wedding expo, tourism expo, sales carnivals, all conferences involving big groups
  • No Ramadhan and Aidilifitri bazaars
  • No usage of facilities, for instance house of worship, gymnasium, spa, sauna, lounge, swimming pools, meeting rooms, seminar halls, training rooms, restaurants and cafes for buffet at hotels
  • No sales and marketing activities outside banks’ office premises or in public places until further announcement
  • No forest eco-tourism and forestry training
  • No new applications for theory examination and explosives practice in the quarrying and mining industry
  • No ‘meet your customer day’, fruit carnivals, seminars, Agriculture Institute convocation, auction of livestocks
  • No recreational fishery activities, sea parks, exhibition and aquarium
  • No filming, and events involving public in studio or public places
  • No exhibitions involving artist-visitor interaction
  • No religious parades, gatherings in places of worship, annual celebrations of uniformed bodies, Hari Raya celebration except with close family
  • No sports activities in schools, face-to-face co-curricular activities, school gatherings, activities involving over 10 people [Note: schools remain closed until further announcement]
  • No sports competition that draws big group of spectators in stadium, and all indoor sports including gymnasium, swimming pools, and sports that involve close contact between players such as rugby, boxing, football, and basketball
  • No feasts, weddings, birthday parties
  • No cruise ships
  • No visitors, group activities and group prayers in employee accommodation facilities
  • No working in group of more than 10 people
  • No fitting activities in retail fashion stores
  • No folding clothes in self-service laundry shops
  • No face-to-face talks, seminars, courses, or trainings
  • No agro-commodity certification activities

The council said these activities are not allowed because of five justifications:

  1. Difficult to control situation where there are many people at one time
  2. Possibility of exposure to respiratory droplets
  3. Difficult to control behaviour
  4. Possibility of prolonged, unavoidable close contact
  5. Prolonged presence in small and confined spaces

“This list will be updated from time to time, and the opening of the economic sectors in this list is made in phases, based on current health situation and readiness of businesses,” it said.