BToto, Sam, Matrix, PetChem, TA Global, TA Enterprise, TSH, Thong Guan, Amway, Batu Kawa, KLK and Eita

BToto, Sam, Matrix, PetChem, TA Global, TA Enterprise, TSH, Thong Guan, Amway, Batu Kawa, KLK and Eita
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KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 18): Based on corporate announcements and news flow today, stocks that are likely to be in focus tomorrow (Nov 19) are likely to be as follows: Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd, Sam Engineering & Equipment (M) Bhd, Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd, Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd (PetChem), TA Enterprise Bhd, TA Global Bhd, TSH Resources Bhd, Thong Guan Industries Bhd, Amway (Malaysia) Holdings Bhd, Batu Kawan Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd (KLK) and Eita Resources Bhd

Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd’s first quarter ended Sept 30, 2020 (1QFY20) net profit rose 1.34% to RM67.85 million from RM66.96 million a year ago, mainly due to lower prize payout and lower operating expenses. Quarterly revenue fell 6.34% to RM1.35 billion from RM1.44 billion a year ago. It declared an interim dividend of four sen per share, payable on Jan 19, 2021.

Sam Engineering & Equipment (M) Bhd’s second quarter ended Sept 30, 2020 (2QFY21) net profit fell by 24.67% to RM15.48 million from RM20.55 million a year prior following lower earnings from its aerospace segment. 2QFY21 revenue was up 4.96% at RM220.9 million, from RM210.46 million due to higher demand from data storage and semiconductor customers, further boosted by favourable currency translation. For the six months ended Sept 30, 2020 (1HFY20), net profit was down 41.46% at RM22.69 million, from RM38.76 million. Revenue shrank by 3.39% to RM391.88 million from RM405.63 million.  

Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd’s 2QFY21 net profit increased by 28% to RM75.1 million — the highest in five years. It declared a dividend of three sen, bringing total dividend payout to five sen per share in 1HFY21. Quarterly revenue contracted 7.3% to RM262 million from RM282.7 million a year earlier. 1HFY21 net profit was 6% lower at RM106.1 million, from RM113.4 million. Revenue fell to RM424 million from RM531.2 million.

Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd (PetChem)’s third quarter ended Sept 30, 2020 (3QFY20) net profit fell by 14.83% to RM471 million, from RM553 million a year ago on lower product prices. 3QFY20 revenue was lower by 6% at RM3.46 billion versus RM3.67 billion a year ago. Profit for the nine months ended Sept 30, 2020 (9MFY20) was down 53% to RM1.16 billion against RM2.47 billion previously, as revenue also fell 13% to RM10.53 billion compared with RM12.14 billion last year.

TA Enterprise Bhd’s 3QFY20 net loss widened to RM65.76 million from the RM14.94 million seen in 3QFY19. Quarterly revenue was down by 14.56% at RM189.72 million from RM222.06 million in 3QFY19. This was due to bleeding hotel operations as a result of Covid-19. 9MFY20 saw a loss of RM256.43 million versus a net profit of RM129.63 million a year prior. Revenue for the period was down by 21.77% at RM501.48 million, from RM641.07 million in 9MFY19.

Meanwhile, its 60%-owned subsidiary TA Global Bhd posted a net loss of RM162.39 million in 3QFY20 from a net profit of RM6.39 million in 3QFY19 following an RM179.6 million impairment loss in its hotel business. TA Global’s quarterly revenue was down by 54.51% at RM87.42 million, from RM192.16 million. In 9MFY20, TA Global recorded a net loss of RM353.59 million versus a net profit of RM137.13 million in 9MFY19. Revenue also declined by 45.52% to RM295.05 million from RM543.11 million.

TSH Resources Bhd saw 3QFY20 net profit soar by nearly 300% to RM24.07 million from RM6.03 million in 3QFY19 on higher palm commodity prices. 3QFY20 revenue was up by 7.21% at RM194.17 million from RM181.12 million recorded in the previous corresponding financial quarter. For the nine months ended Sept 30, 2020 (9MFY20) net profit was 80.05% higher at RM46.14 million from the RM25.63 million seen in 9MFY19. Revenue for the nine months was up 11.97% at RM586.43 million from RM523.76 million in the corresponding nine months last financial year.

Thong Guan Industries Bhd 3QFY20 net profit increased 13% to RM19.6 million from RM17.34 million a year prior. Quarterly revenue was down 4% to RM245.79 million from RM256.55 million. The higher net profit was on more premium products sold. It declared an interim dividend of one sen per share, payable on Jan 18, 2021. This raised its year-to-date dividend payout to 5 sen versus none in the previous year. 9MFY20 net profit rose by 32% to RM58.26 million from RM44.04 million. Revenue came in at RM717.85 million, up 2% y-o-y from RM703.45 million previously.

Amway (Malaysia) Holdings Bhd’s 3QFY20 net profit jumped 47.11% to RM15.61 Millie from RM10.61 million a year prior on higher sales. 3QFY20 revenue increased by 36.96% to RM321.95 million from RM235.07 million last year. It declared a dividend of five sen per share, payable on Dec 18, resulting in 9MFY20 dividends being at 15 sen per share. 9MFY20 net profit rose 7.32% to RM42.63 million compared with RM39.72 million a year ago, while revenue grew 17.39% to RM837.4 million from RM713.33 million.

Batu Kawan Bhd’s fourth quarter ended Sept 30, 2020 (4QFY20) dropped by 12% to RM85.17 million from RM96.7 million a year prior on unrealised losses from its plantation segment and forex losses from its investment holdings activities. Quarterly revenue increased 4.9% to RM4.12 billion from RM3.92 billion. FY20 net profit increased 15% to RM417.28 million from RM363.5 million, while revenue was slightly higher at RM16.08 billion versus RM16.05 billion a year earlier.

Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd (KLK)’s 4QFY20 net profit grew 19.31% to RM208.82 million from RM175.02 million last year. Quarterly revenue was up 5.29% at RM4 billion from RM3.8 billion. It will recommend a final dividend at a later date. Total interim dividend paid in FY20 is 15 sen per share from 35 sen in FY19. FY20 net profit was up 25.12% to RM772.6 million from RM617.51 million. Revenue inched up by 0.4% to RM15.6 billion from RM15.53 billion.

Eita Resources Bhd is proposing a bonus issue with free warrants. The bonus issue will be a one-for-one issue. Meanwhile, the warrants will be issued on the basis of one free warrant for every three existing shares held. The plans will involve the issuance of up to 130 million bonus shares and 86.67 million warrants. The exercise price of the warrants has been fixed at 70 sen each. Assuming all the warrants are exercised into Eita shares, the warrants could raise up to RM60.67 million for the company, which it plans to use for future working capital.

Tan Choe Choe