Bermaz initiates contactless Mazda vehicle servicing

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KUALA LUMPUR (May 14): Bermaz Auto Bhd has resumed its servicing activities and initiated contactless Mazda vehicle servicing.

In a statement, Bermaz said it had resumed servicing effective May 12, and in line with government requirements, undertaken special precautions to protect the health of its employees and customers, in accordance with the Health Ministry's guidelines.

Bermaz said it had taken up the challenge of providing customers with its last-mile service.

“We are introducing Mazda Contactless Service where human contact is minimized. Please stay safe at home. We will come to you,” it said.

Bermaz said the Mazda contactless service comes with the choice of collect and deliver service or mobile service.

It said the collect and deliver service is available at selected service centres via appointment, adding that this service is available to Mazda owners within a radius of 10km from their pickup location.

Meanwhile, the mobile service is available via appointment.

Bermaz said this mobile service was introduced in 2017.

The company is committed to disinfect the interior of the vehicles before and after service.

Bermaz also highlighted the extension of the five-year warranty and five-year free service maintenance for Mazda vehicles.

“We remain committed to ensuring our customers experience flexibility during these challenging times, so we have extended our warranty and free service maintenance to our customers affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO).

“The extension accorded will be equivalent to the same period of time as the MCO being enforced,” it said.

For more information about these programmes or the list of selected authorised service centres that are in operation, visit or call 1-800-22-8080.