AUM Biosciences aims to meet demand for cancer treatment in Asia

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SINGAPORE (Aug 27): As cancer rates rise, particularly in Asia, the fight to contain it becomes all the more urgent, yet treatment drugs are not always available, not for lack of advances in scientific research, either. “High-potential oncology drugs get neglected for reasons [that have] nothing to do with science but more to do with corporate limitations of the healthcare industry,” says Vishal Doshi, CEO of biomedical start-up AUM Biosciences in an interview with The Edge Singapore. AUM Biosciences is looking to change that. “We feel that it is the need of the hour,” says Doshi.

He points out that across the world, the cost of treating cancer is a lot higher than it is for any other disease. “It is actually impacting the availability and affordability of the drugs,” says Doshi, who started...(click on link for full story on