ASUS launches new wireless routers in Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 3): Cconsumer notebook vendor and maker of motherboards, ASUS, has launched its latest range of wireless routers for the Malaysian market – the ASUS RT-AC87U and RT-N18U.

In a statement Monday, ASUS Malaysia country manager of open platform business group (OPBG) Jacky Lim said the router sales division contributes up to 20% of ASUS OPBG’s overall revenue in Malaysia. 

“We are eyeing to sell more than thousands units of high performance wireless routers inclined with the forecasted users’ demands to support their growing network access requirements,” said Lim.

Lim said almost all users these days were universally connected multi-device users living under the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and other Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets.

“As such, ASUS launches its latest router offerings to support the multi-devices users in their households under a single Wi-Fi environment.”

“As more device share the sharing the available wireless bandwidth under the same wireless network, data congestion happens and impacts on the user experience. Standard routers easily become overloaded and thus leading to device instability, lags and slowdowns.”

He said the RT-AC87U and RT-N18U were most ideal for home and small business users who are looking for more effective alternatives to increase their speed to access network and data,” he says.

 Lim said ASUS’s RT-AC87U is the world’s first four-transmit, four-receive (4x4) antenna configured AC2400 class dual-band gigabit wireless router employed with multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology.

He said this allowed users to improve floor coverage and enjoy lag-free network experience at the same time.