5G technology is safe — GSMA

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LANGKAWI (Jan 20): There are no studies or solid evidence showing that the use of fifth-generation (5G) technology can be detrimental to health as claimed by certain parties. 

Global System for Mobile Communications Association’s (GSMA) senior director for Research and Sustainability, Dr Jack Rowley said there were 2,900 studies specific on mobile communications done by researchers over the world but none of them could support the claim. 

"l have been in the industry for 30 years and have seen similar concerns (over health) with the deployment of 2G, 3G and 4G but there is no significant change in personal exposure.

"In respect of radio signals, 5G is similar to current wireless technologies and covered by national and international safety guidelines that protect all members of the public and the environment," he said at the 5G Malaysia International Conference 2020 here on Monday.

The one-day conference today was held in conjunction with the 5G Malaysia Demonstration Projects (5GDP) launched on Sunday (Jan 19).

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