Malaysia lowers Aug crude oil official selling price

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SINGAPORE (Sept 3): Malaysia has lowered the official selling price (OSP) of a basket of August-loading Malaysian crude oil grades to US$76.37 a barrel, Petronas said in a document reviewed by Reuters on Monday

* The August price for the basket of Malaysian crude oil, which includes Labuan, Miri Light, Kikeh and Kimanis Blend, fell by US$1.83 a barrel from the previous month

* Petronas sets the benchmark based on spot differentials to dated Brent for the four grades

* The Malaysian crude benchmark mechanism was launched in January 2014, and updated to include the Kimanis crude grade starting January 2017

* Here are the OSPs for the Malaysian grades:

LABUAN        76.37   78.20
MIRI          76.37   78.20
KIKEH         76.37   78.20
KIMANIS       76.37   78.20
TAPIS         74.97   76.80
DULANG        75.97   77.80
BINTULU       74.97   76.80

(prices are in US dollars per barrel)