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LOS ANGELES (Jan 31): Las Vegas Strip gambling shrank by 2.1 percent to US$6.37 billion in 2014,...
TOKYO (Jan 31): Panasonic Corp has stopped making TVs in China and plans to liquidate its joint...
NEW YORK (Jan 31):  US chief executive officers are more pessimistic about corporate earnings...
NEW YORK (Jan 31): US economic growth slowed sharply in the fourth quarter as weak business...
NEW YORK (Jan 31): China eased away from a confrontation with Alibaba Group Holding, saying this...


Symbol Price Valuation Fundamental
JOBST (+ve) 0.480 2.40 2.30
DUFU (+ve) 0.395 1.20 1.55
GOPENG (-ve) 1.200 1.80 1.50
PNE MICRON 0.053 0.60 2.35
CAPITACOM TRUST 1.795 0.50 2.20
FSL TRUST 0.138 1.20 0.20
HOCK LIAN SENG 0.355 1.20 2.30
TIGERAIR 0.340 0.30 0.35
PACIFIC ANDES 0.058 3.00 0.80
SMRT 1.760 1.50 1.05
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The above stocks may be bought by Tong's Momentum Portfolio. For more, read the Financial Daily.
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Stocks with Momentum

The list of stocks is generated using a proprietary mathematical algorithm highlighting stocks with a build up in trading volume and price.

A (+ve) denotes positive momentum for the stock while (-ve) denotes negative momentum. This list is not a buy or sell recommendation.

Where a stock has momentum but weak fundamentals, a red flag indicator will be posted next to the stock.

Valuation Score

The score is a snapshot of the stock’s attractiveness in terms of valuations calculated based on historical numbers. The score ranges from 0-3. A Valuation Score of 0 means valuations are not attractive and a score of 3 means valuations are attractive. The relative weights of the score are customisable by the user according to his preference.

Fundamental Score

The score is a snapshot of the company’s profitability and balance sheet strength derived from historical numbers. The score ranges from 0-3. A score of 0 means weak fundamentals and a score of 3 means strong fundamentals. The relative weights of the score are customisable by the user according to his preference.

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Last updated: 10 July 2014


Symbol Price Date / Time
HOMERIZ 1.110 29-1-15
Tong's Value Investing Portfolio buys stocks first highlighted here. For more, read this week's The Edge Malaysia.

Explanatory Notes

For more information on the stock, please read today's Financial Daily.

For any queries, please email to queries@bizedge.com


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