PKR to relook its e-voting system

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KEPALA BATAS (Sept 24): The PKR Political Bureau is to discuss at a meeting tomorrow night all the weaknesses of the e-voting system the party is using for its ongoing elections.

PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said the meeting would also determine whether to scrap the system as requested by several candidates and voters.

“The meeting will also discuss what it will cost to have the manual system of voting if a decision is made to scrap the e-voting system,” he said to reporters after launching a Penang-level briefing on the enforcement of the sales and service tax here today.

A group of PKR leaders and members in Penang yesterday expressed disappointment over the weaknesses in the e-voting system and asked for it to be replaced with the manual system of voting for the ongoing party elections.

The members, from 13 PKR divisions in Penang, demanded fresh voting after claiming that the e-voting was not transparent and had been manipulated by certain quarters.

Saifuddin Nasution also said that the decision to use the e-voting system for the 2018 party elections was not made by any one person but by the Central Leadership Council.

The staggered PKR elections began in Kedah and Penang last Saturday, involving 105,056 members — 55,132 of them in Penang.

The elections throughout the country are to be held until Oct 28.