No delay in responding to China's palm oil purchase

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KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 14): The Ministry of Primary Industries has clarified that its Minister, Teresa Kok did not infer that a unit in the Ministry was slow in responding to, or following up with, requests by buyers from China to purchase palm oil.  

The Ministry said that Kok was referring to the failure by the company that was involved in the trade talk with China for being slow in responding to the request made by the buyers.

The clarification was made following a recent news report that quoted Kok as saying that she had found letters addressed to a unit under her Ministry by Chinese buyers wishing to increase their purchase of the commodity, but the unit concerned did not respond to the requests.

“The Minister has always acknowledged that the Ministry’s officers, the Malaysian Palm Oil Board and the Malaysian Palm Oil Council have been working relentlessly to promote palm oil throughout the world,” the Ministry said in a statement today.

Exports of Malaysian palm oil and its products increased 8.6 per cent to 12.44 million tonnes from January to June 2018 compared with 11.45 million tonnes in the corresponding period in 2017.