Balakong by-election: MCA confident of getting Malay and Indian votes

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BALAKONG (Sept 6): MCA is confident the party will receive votes from the Malay and Indian communities in the Balakong State by-election based on the activities as well as assistance provided regardless of race all this while.

Its president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the party has been fighting for community harmony since it was set up in 1949 and was not based on only one race.  

Liow said they are an independent party which can work with any party with the same agenda and denied it is a lackey of UMNO.

“We are not a racist party and we are not afraid to admit we are Chinese and Malaysian unlike some parties who were afraid of admitting their original race and claimed they are Malaysians.     

“MCA will continue to struggle for racial harmony in future so that we can live in harmony. Do not play racial issues to make Malaysia a racial and religious extremist country,” he told reporters when met at the MCA Balakong by-election operation room here today.

He was commenting on allegations that MCA would not be receiving votes from the Malays without the support of UMNO and PAS.

The Balakong by-election this Saturday is a straight fight between PH’s Wong Siew Ki and MCA’s Tan Chee Teong following the death of its incumbent Eddie Ng Tien Chie in a car accident on July 19.